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3rd place in Exatlon Slovenija Show

After 3 extremely tough months in Dominican Republic climate Andrei Lenart finished the Exatlon Slovenija TV sports competition in 3rd place and became known as the Thorminator. He lost in semifinal to his red team teammate and later champion Franko Bajc.

''First of all I want to thank all of you that were watching the show and cheered for us on this wild adventure! After I got back to Slovenia it was so nice to see that there were so many of you on the other side of the cameras, that were with us 5 days a week for 12 weeks straight. And most of all I am happy to see that we had such positive impact on the youngest. 3 months of isolation from outside world, full of wins and loses, beautiful and horrible moments. More than 150 matches, blood, sweat, tears,... It all seems a bit surreal right now. For a quarter of a year I have lived in a bubble. In a world where all focus is on how to get over obstacle courses as fast as possible and how to be most precise when throwing hoops, sandbags,...

Exatlon Slovenija was an extreme challenge that pushed my mind and body way over its limits. It took courage, perserverence, heart and strength. I am grateful for this experience and proud that I overcame it. Proud of all that we achieved and showed as a team. Proud of my individual performance. Grateful that I got to meet so many people that help creating this huge show in front and behind of the cameras.

Grateful that I was a part of first Exatlon Slovenian national team. I could go on and on.''

What is Exatlon?

Exatlon is a sports reality competition series where two teams of physically fit contestants compete against each other on highly challenging parkour courses. The teams are composed of athletes (current, former, Olympic, etc.) and celebrities on one team, and ordinary people with athletic ability, from all walks of life on the other team. After months of competing in a tough Dominican climate, isolation from the outside world and hundreds of parkour duels, the best female and male competitor get the title of Champion of Exatlon.


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