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ICDN masterclass at Sarajevo Film Festival

Andrei Lenart has been selected as one of 12 actors from Balkan region to participate in 3-day masterclass at Sarajevo Film Festival organised by International Casting Directors Network.

Workshops were led by ICDN members Timka Grin, Marina Wijn, Corinna Glaus, Nathalie Cheron, Piotr Bartuszek, Sofia Dimopoulou and Beatrice Kruger.

Other participants were Doroteja Nadrah (Slovenia), Amila Terzimehić (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Judita Franković (Croatia), Anja Matković (Croatia), Goran Marković (Croatia), Marko Petrić (Croatia), Nikola Vasiljević (Montenegro), Zorica Nusheva (North Macedonia), Peđa Marjanović (Serbia), Ana Mandić (Serbia) and Milica Janković (Serbia).

''I had an absolutely fantastic time at Sarajevo Film festival with this lovely bunch of actors and casting directors! Very grateful for this opportunity! Great to get to know you all and hopefully see you all soon!'' - Andrei Lenart

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