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Dualizem premiere

Two wonderful premiere screenings of new Slovenian web series Dualizem took place in Celje and Kranj.

Dualizem is set in a near future, when artificial intelligence has evolved to the point of having its own consciousness.

The series is produced by young Slovenian filmmaking team TFilm production and directed by very talented up and coming director Tomaž Krajnc. Andrei Lenart portrays Boštjan, one of the core developers working on the new AI app called Mimet. In main roles you can see a lot of young and talented Slovenian actors such as Maša Tiselj, Valentina Plaskan, Jože Doberšek, Ondina Kerec, Jure Rajšp, Aiko Zakrajšek, Rok Turnšek...

All released episodes are available to watch for free at


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