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Fear premiere

Short film Fear has premiered on 8th November in Kino Šiška, Ljubljana, Slovenia. It is directed by Slovenian film director Dejan Babosek and it is a part of a broader awareness campaign against all forms of intolerance. Andrei Lenart portrays Ben. Not the most pleasant fellow, who is a part of Neo-Nazi movement.

Fear tells a story of a teenager Christian (Denys Bilash), who falls for populist propaganda of the extreme right. He pays a high price for that, but the realisation comes too late. The consequences of his acts will haunt him as a shadow for his entire life.

Director and screenplay: Dejan Babosek

Producers: Miha Kačič and Dejan Babosek

Cast: Denys Bilash, Valentina Plaskan, Renato Jenček, Nataša Barbara Gračner, Marjan Radanovič, Andrei Lenart, Dino Hajderović, Darja Krhin, Nenad Tokalić.

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