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Valladesam premiere in London

Andrei Lenart has attended a premiere screening of Valladesam at Wembley Cineworld in London. Valladesam is a Tamil action drama feature film, starring Anu Hasan and directed by N.T. Nantha. In the movie Andrei Lenart portrays Andrei Blok, the right-hand man and a personal bodyguard to main villain David.

You might not recognise Andrei in the film at first due to his longer hair. He joked about it at the premiere:'' I play a bad guy. So I guess a bad haircut makes sense.''

Actor Amit Sharma, Andrei Lenart and director N.T. Nantha

The star of Valladesam Anu Hasan and Andrei Lenart

Photos by: Jaylux Digital

Posters at Cineworld Wembley

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