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The Shivering: a Kresnik story

Short webisode The Shivering, a Kresnik story is finally here! It is a part of a bigger project that I have been very excited about for a while. Set in the world of old Slavs and based on Slavic mythology.

It is produced by Haritude Ventures - Tim Žibrat and David Sipoš who is also directing it. Starring very talented young actress Gaja Filač. The big plan is a feature film that is in development and this webisodes are created so that potential investors and coproducers can get an idea of the feel and visuals that project is going for. Currently there are two webisodes, The Shivering and The Awakening.

You can watch The Shivering below:

For some more action and a better insight into the project check out this behind the scenes video:

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